Thursday 4 February 2016

Carpi #2: hardware

Once the Carpi project was on the way, I started to collect the hardware I needed.

To have a mobile raspberry pi with large storage in the car, I needed: Raspberry pi with wifi capability, power supply, hard disk, optional 3G capability.
I had most of it at home except the Raspberry pi and power supply which needed to be pretty powerful to provide 2A to the pi, 1A to the disk, and power the other peripherals.

The total cost of the project is as follows (including what was already in the house):
- Raspberry pi 2 B: 41.59€
- 8GB memory card: 4.99€
- Radiators: 3.99€
- 2 wifi USB dongles: 20.96€
- Powered USB hub: 18.99€
- Power cable for USB hub: 5.99€
- Hard disk 1 TB: 55.30€
- 12v->5v power supply 42W: 19.99€
- 3G/wifi dongle: free
Total = 171.80€

I didn't go for the cheapest option every time, I often chose the available or fast delivered one.

The components connect according to the following diagram:

Optional: to avoid having to shutdown the Carpi before cutting the power and avoid potentially corupting the memory card, a small battery system with GPIO notification on the pi would be needed. This is scheduled for phase 2.

Next step: networking

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